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Skegby Junior Academy


I would like to introduce myself as the Principal of the Skegby Junior Academy which is a wonderful place to learn and forms part of the Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust.

Our curriculum provides children with essential experiences that allow them to develop their mathematical and English skills, knowledge and understanding; experience the world around them and continue to develop a greater understanding of what makes a SMART person. SMART defines the values we support and stands for Successful people, Motivated learners, Active and Healthy, Ready to Learn and Teamwork. Everything we do supports these values as they form the foundations for our pupils. For example, on a weekly basis, all children access our outdoor Forest School to help develop the 5 Rs of Relationships, Resilience, Resourceful, Risk Taking and Reflection. We focus on a different R each half term so that we can develop all pupils to become effective learners now and in the future. As well as the acronym SMART we also believe in smart children. High expectations regarding uniform, attendance and behaviour helps make the Skegby Junior Academy a calm and productive place to work and learn.

Forest School also allows our pupils to explore and work in the outdoors as we support the many skills, attitudes and knowledge that this brings. We are lucky enough to have wonderful grounds and we aim to make the most of them. As we are an ‘Active and Healthy’ academy we also use the grounds to provide many sporting opportunities. At break times and lunchtimes children can access a range of sports which include table tennis, hockey, football, basketball and pool. These opportunities are further supported with sports coaches, physical education lessons, competitions and afterschool clubs.

Teamwork forms an essential part of what we do. We develop our children’s ability to work in teams and we also want to form a good team with parents and carers. Open afternoons, special events, class assemblies, Golden assemblies, parent courses and the Friends of SJA group all provide regular opportunities for parents and carers to visit the academy to help support what we do. Regular information about the Academy is also shared through monthly newsletters, the website and our Twitter page.

With the support of parents, carers and the local community we aim to deliver the very best education for our pupils. If you would like to book a visit to our wonderful Academy please contact  our excellent office team.

Mrs M Marples