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Skegby Junior Academy

Meet our Staff

Teaching Staff

Mrs P Marples - Principal

Miss H Nagelsztajn - Deputy Principal / Year 3/4 Class Teacher (Willow)

Miss S Barratt - Year 3 Class Teacher (Silver Birch)

Mr C Riley - Year 4 Class Teacher (Maple)

Mrs H Boyle - Year 5 Class Teacher (Oak) Mon, Tues, Wed

Mrs E Carlin - Year 5 Class Teacher (Oak) Thurs & Fri

Miss L Buxton - Year 5 Class Teacher (Beech)

Miss R Graney - Year 6 Class Teacher (Ash)

Mrs T McGibbon - Year 6 Class Teacher (Hazel)

Mrs L Haigh - Forest School Teacher

Mrs C Frow - Class Teacher

Miss C Kiernan – SENDCO

Mr J Broomhead - Trainee Teacher

Support Staff

Miss H Jones – Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Wilson - Teaching Assistant

Mr M Stokes - Teaching Assistant

Ms N Newby - Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Chipp - Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Lewis - Teaching Assistant

Miss K Fletcher - Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Burdon - Teaching Assistant

Administrative Staff

Mrs T Hamilton - Office Manager

Mrs B Warren - Receptionist / Admin Assistant

Mrs K Dove – Receptionist / Attendance Officer

Mid-Day Supervisors/Kitchen Staff

Mrs C Harding – Senior Mid-Day Supervisor

Mrs T Lewis  - Mid-Day Supervisor

Mrs M Burdon - Mid-Day Supervisor

Mrs S Hoyland  - Mid-Day Supervisor

Miss K Fletcher - Mid-Day Supervisor

Mrs D Musgrove - Mid-Day Supervisor

Miss T Atkins - Mid-Day Supervisor

Miss C Bacon - Mid-Day Supervisor

Mrs L Reed  - Head Cook

Mrs J Bullock - Assistant Chef

Miss K Armstrong - Assistant Chef

Breakfast Club

Mrs M Burdon - Breakfast Club Supervisor

Mrs J Bullock - Assistant Chef

After School Club

Mrs D Musgrove - After School Club Supervisor

Site Management

Mr S Johnson - Site Manager


For vacancies please go to the Vacancies page or visit the Greenwood Academies Trust website.